Antioxidant response elements (AREs) are nucleotide sequences that are present upstream of the transcription start site (TSS) of the genes that are stress responsive and cytoprotective in nature. The association of transcription factors (Nrf1, Nrf2, Nrf3, sMafs, Bach, Atf4, Jun, and others) with AREs orchestrate the expression of an array of genes in a spatio-temporal manner. The activation or repression of the target genes is determined by the dimerizing partners of the transcription factors and AREs in the promoter of target genes.

ZFARED is a database of AREs in the zebrafish. Being the premier model worldwide, this database provides comprehensive list of AREs in the antioxidant genes, all protein coding genes in the 25 chromosomes, and in the mitochondrial genes of zebrafish. ZFARED will allow the scientific community to keep track of the details on the AREs in zebrafish to unravel the complexities that are cryptic in Keap1-Nrf2-ARE pathway. The primary goal of ZFARED is to enhance the knowledge and basic understanding of Keap1-Nrf2-ARE pathway.